World Domination (v0.00...0003 - prototype)

Game plays: 878

Game instructions

What you can do:

  • World: here you can choose territories to attack, also where you can get attacked by neigboring territories
  • After selecting a territory to attack, you have to occupy all of the grids to take over that territory
  • You can setup your unit formationand replenish troops there after you lose them
  • You can speed up game time
  • In battle, you can disable autoaim of your units to instead follow your cursor, use 2 and 3 for additional aimed attacks
  • Hold down control and click on enemy units to set aim priority of your units.


This is a first basic prototype/representation for part of the battle system, of a much bigger "world domination" game. It has a ton of bugs, no real progression, it's meant just as a first test/vision of how combat might work in the end :)