War Clicks

Game plays: 18,650

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Game instructions

Everything is controlled via mouse/tap (it is playable on mobile, though NOT optimized for it).
Hint: Use Hotkeys on Keyboards to control your fighting via faster way
Follow other in-game instruction or ask other players for help inside the in-game chat


There is more to winning wars than just fighting! Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this fun idle / clicker game mash-up, to build, train and upgrade your army.


  • Take control over the army, produce army units and send them to battle
  • Test your pre-built powers on the battlefield
  • Complete all 83 Career Goals and Mission on your way to the top
  • Start from "scratch", but with bigger boosts and way-faster progression
  • Compete with other soldiers around the globe
  • Fight Invasions with your countrymen in a co-op mode
  • Collect rewards from weekly competitions
  • Various mini-games to unlock
  • Strategy matters
  • Social elements for more fun
  • Idle-Clicker and time management game mechanics