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Game instructions

What you can do:

  • Start by sending citizens to explore to find resources
  • Manage your citizens to gather resources, expand your settlement and eventually expand and conquer neighboring territories for more resources!
  • TIP: Prioritize food and water production as otherwise the health and productivity of your citizens can drop to dangerous levels and cause a cataclysmic downfall of your civilization
  • No spammy tutorial here - in-game objectives should lead you clearly if you get stuck!

F : toggle fullscreen mode
Space : pause/unpause
Esc : Close current popup/open in-game menu if none open
+/- : increase/reduce game speed
Hold Ctrl + 1-5 : While holding, change build/produce amount from 1->OCD
Hold Shift + 1-7 : WHile holding, change assign amount from 1->OCD


Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game where you start exploring new world after the apocalypse to scavenge and manage enough resources for your small settlement to survive. The game stand outs with its completely freshed time-lepse mechanics, that lets you control time once you come back playing the game. Manage available time optimally and you'll be ready to conquer neighbouring territories. Sell products on the market to gather most needed resources and conquer all territories to rule and dominate the world.


  • Explore, gather resources, research technologies, build various buildings, an army...
  • A ton of incrementally unlocked features, tasks, resources and mechanics that ramp up the management complexity
  • A vast research system that will allow the player to choose their preferred style of play
  • Demand/Supply driven resource/products market that responds to player actions and game time
  • Timelapse feature that allows you to control game time to optimize your macro/micro management, and automate some processes. Spend your offline progress as you wish!
  • When you're not playing time will stock up and you can use it in timelapse!
  • Produce various products that can help improve well-being of your citizens, as well as be sold on the global market for profits!
  • Tile conquering system with tank customization