Area Raiders

Game plays: 32,597

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Game instructions

All you need is a mouse! Scroll mouse wheel to zoom in/out
You are in charge of raiders trying to breach government defences:

1) Reach the center base to save aliens
2) When raiders die, you will gain Media Points
3) Use MP to attract more raiders, upgrade them and discover unlocks and secrets!

*The game is fully idleable in off focus and when coming back!


Reveal government secrets and rescue the aliens. Get enough media attention to get more people involved and owerpower the government defenses!


  • Fight on 2 different worlds, all with their own unique defenses and challenges
  • Level up by saving all aliens they are hiding within the bases
  • Easy-to-pick-up game, filled with challenges and different playing strategies
  • Warning: A funny story accompanies the gameplay
  • Addictive raiding mechanics, that just never stops!
  • Experience various type of raiding powers by completing the whole Skill tree
  • Prestige mechanics to start over with bigger boosts
  • Explore, sell, recruit, reveal secrets
  • Become a headman of raiders (gather more than 51% of voting support)
  • Try your exploring skills – Find remote places to build factories on
  • Build all 6 weapon factories (in complete secrecy… sshhhh)
  • Produce special weapons to defeat the strongest bases
  • Raid. Defeat. Reveal! Enjoy! :)